Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To offer you special features for displaying your ads or viewing statistics on their website, partner websites ask our system for access to your AdSense account. We then require your confirmation for this request. While you're free to choose whether or not to grant access, please be aware that this access may be required in order to display ads, generate revenue, or view reports on the partner site. Should you decide to grant access, the partner will be able to manage some parts of your account on your behalf and access certain reports to display them for you. Note that they will never be allowed access to personal information such as bank account or payment history.
The website has requested access to your account:

Yes, allow to access my account
No, do not allow to access my account

Note that for services that provides, they will keep a percentage of the revenue that you accrue on their website as described below:

Partner's Share of Revenue: Content (AdSense Online) 0.0 %
Search (AdSense Online) Not Applicable
Feed (AdSense Online) Not Applicable

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