Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Legal Science-mysticism and quackery

Assalamuâ € ™ alaikum wa rahmatullahi of barakaatuh,
I want to ask is there a science-mysticism as science quackery, odd, insensitive, wage earner, fold the earth (flying, walking on water and so forth) and Wifiq astray and is prohibited in Quebec? I'm not learning science, but interested to perform. I as a fear of Islam is a matter which led in anger. I seek refuge in Allah from the misleading science. Please be the answer skipper?

The fillah, Wa'alaikum Sala m Warahmatullà ¢ ¢ ¢ barokà The hi doing the Al-Quran Allah Taâ € ™ style syaithan stressed that the enemy we are the most obvious ( € ™-Isra: 53), therefore we must memposisikannya as a major enemy that must be defeated and destroyed so that we always be vigilant all the time, it also moves such as the flow of blood circulation in the human body (word). In the snooker men, many jeratan-jeratan conducted by the way jeratan-jeratan make it interesting and beautiful (QS.6: 43, 8:48, 27:24,29:38), including things that you mention that most As if the revelations of al-Qurâ € ™ or word in the very distant from them. All types that you mention is prohibited by religion and misleading.

1.Mengenai quackery, or predictor, attending the Paranormal, dstâ € | Messenger Shallallahu â € ~ sick but I'm still Wasallam said: â € œ Anyone attending the forecaster and ask him about things and he believe, then shalatnya not accepted for forty days â € œ. (Agnostic HR.). The other states that the Messenger of Allah said: â € œBarangsiapa visit to a witchdoctor and trust that said, he was a heathen (refuse) to the revelation that is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu â € ~ sick but I'm still Wasallam â € œ. (HR.Abu David), and more word-word to others. In case this is not TBA TBA called because although he was basically called a healer / tabibah that does not include the category of shaman in the word when in practice shunt from the terms of syirik.

2. The implant, the main objective is to deceive people of vision to look beautiful, interesting, life or other, while the shape of any deceptive act is prohibited by religion, yet again mantras, mantras (spell-spell) or certain requirements must be fulfilled all the never taught by religious / rose_of_katharine € ™ category and enter the magic is a sin.

3. While the other sciences, such as immune, khadamâ € | etc. solely by pencarinya intended to show off and demonstrate to the people of that great himself, in addition to protecting the goal diriâ € | but all done with the facilities and certain requirements that deviate from the teachings of the religion (syirik ), Allah said: â € œ

Say (Muhammad to the nation idolaters): thought about what you call upon besides Allah. If Allah willed to menimpakan a danger to me, whether they are able to eliminate that danger. Or, if Allah willed to bestow a mercy to me, whether they be able to rahmatNya. Say: Allah is enough for me, only kepadaNyalah was meeting people who are diriâ € œ. (QS. Az-Zumar: 38).

The logic / intellect Messenger Shlallallahu â € ~ sick but I'm still Wasallam can only do so when he dilempari stones by the people Thaif, so also when the war Uhud certainly not until he was broken teeth, reality is not so. Therefore, your intention should be removed and you have been canceled amid fear that the act of misleading in Islam, then this is a positive action and therefore should in any case.

You need to know, that in a word to be said that when someone intends to do good and he do so, they get a reward of ten good, when she also intend but he unable to do so, then he will get a good wage, whereas if he intends to do an act of evil and to do so he will get a reward of crime, when it also intends to but he did not do so then he will get a good reward. Will you get the reward. Is not our religion is very fair. About the servant you can read the letter, al-Jinn paragraph 6 and 13.

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