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Magic and quackery

Syaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz

All praises Allah only, and a nice shalawat devolved to the esteemed people, most of Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written, which is no longer the Prophet afterwards.

End-end dabster this much-forecaster who admitted to himself as a healer, and treat sick people with magic or quackery. They are now spread in many different countries; those people who do not understand that there are more victims extortion them.

Then, on the basis of advice to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and to the servants, I want to explain about how big a danger to Islam and the Islamic nation of dependence to other than Allah, and that this is contrary to the commands of Allah and His Messenger.

With the help of Allah Ta'ala begged me to say that the treatment allowed by the agreement of the parson. If a Muslim should try visiting the sick physician specialists, both in the disease, surgery, nerve, and checked for the disease outside of what disease the dideritanya. And then treated in accordance with the medicines that allowed by the Personality ', as known in medical science. Seen in terms of causes and consequences of the ordinary is happening, this does not contradict with the teachings of resignation to Allah in Islam. Because Allah Ta'ala has lower disease and decrease the medicine. There are among them known by the people and that there is not yet known. Allah Ta'ala but will not make penyembuhannya from something that has been underway to them.

It is therefore not justified for people who are sick, attending the shaman-healer who lay claim to know himself ghaib things, to know that dideritanya disease. Trust also is not allowed or allow what they say, because they say something about the things that ghaib is only based on mere estimates, or by bringing jin-jin to ask for the help of the genie-jin was in accordance with what they want . In such a way shaman-healer has been doing things and kufur astray.

Messenger Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written explained in various haditsnya as follows:

"Imam Muslim shahihnya hand in the book, that the Messenger Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written said:' Anyone visiting the 'arraaf (soothsayer)) to him, not during shalatnya will receive forty days."

"From Kareena radhiallahu anhu from the Prophet Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written, he said:' Anyone who attend kahin (TBA)) and justify what he said, he really has to disbelieve what is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written." (HR. Abu Daud).

"Issued by the Ahlus four Sunan and dishahihkan by Al-Hakim of the Prophet Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written by lafazh:' Anyone visiting the 'arraaf or kahin and justify what he said, he really has to disbelieve what is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu' sick but I'm still of sallam. "

"From Imran bin Hushain radhiallahu anhu, he said: 'Messenger Shallallahu' margin-bottom: Written said: 'Not including groups that we do or ask tathayyur (jinx determine, based on signs of objects, birds and others), or radiofrequency The request predicted, a witch or ask disihirkan and anyone visiting the seer and justify what he said, then he has to disbelieve the revelation revealed to Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu 'margin-bottom: Written. "(HR. Al-Bazzaar, with sanad jayyid).

The noble-word in the show come to ban seer, healer, and, prohibition, asked them about the things that ghaib, ban or allow trust what they say, and they are a threat to do so.

Therefore, to the authorities and those who have influence in each country, is obliged to prevent all forms of practice prophetess, healer and working, and prohibit people visiting them.

To the authorities so that they do prohibit practices in the markets, malls, shopping malls or in other places, and explicitly reject everything they do. And should not be fooled by a handful of people the truth about what they do. Because these people do not know the things done by the shaman-healer, even most of them are people that the public does not understand the law, and the prohibition against acts that they do.

The Messenger of Allah 'Messenger Shallallahu' margin-bottom: Written forbid his visit to the kahin, 'arraaf, healer and soothsayer. Prohibit and ask justify what they say. Because it contains the danger kemungkaran and large, also result in a very big negative, too. Because they are the people who do lie and sin.

The Messenger-word above to prove about our and the kahin 'arraaf (diviner and healer). Because they claim to know things that ghaib, and they will not reach the desired purpose but with how many, subject, obey, worship and elf-elf. This is an act of kufur and syirik to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. People who justify their top testament to know the things that ghaib and their expectations, the same as they are legal. And each person who received this from people who do, indeed, Messenger of Allah 'Messenger Shallallahu' margin-bottom: Written leaving themselves from them.

A Muslim should not be subject to allegations and believe that the presumption and the way it is done as a way of treatment, like writing talisman that they make, or pouring the liquid tin, and other hoax that they do.

All this is the practice quackery and fraud against the people, then whoever is willing to receive such practices without showing disapproval attitudes, indeed, he has helped in the act of falsehood and kufur.

Therefore a Muslim is not allowed to go to the healer, soothsayer, sorcerer and semisalnya, and ask them to matters related to a mate, child marriage or his brother, or the relationship of husband and wife and family, about love, loyalty , Dispute or rupture occurred and others. For all that related to matters that are not ghaib known fact by anyone except by Allah Ta'ala of Subhanahhu.

Magic act as one of the kufur be forbidden by God, described in Al-Baqarah verse 102 of the two-story Angel: "And they follow what is read by syetan-syetan in the kingdom of Solomon (and they say that Solomon is the magic) , Solomon did not disbelieve (not do magico). They teach sorcery to humans and what is revealed to the two angels in the country, namely quarrelsome Harut and Marut, both of them are not (something) to the one before said: "We only trial (for), so do not disbelieve. But they learn from these two angels, what with the magic that they can divorce between a (husband) with his wife. Even they (sorcerer) does not give mudharat with a magic to it except with the permission of Allah. And they learn something that gives mudharat and not give him the benefit. For, indeed, they have been convinced that anyone who exchange paragraph (the Book of Allah) with that magic, not for profit here, and they act very jahatlah sell himself with magic, if they know. "(Al-Baqarah: 102)

Signs that indicate that this noble magic act is kufur, and magic can be split husband and wife relationship, in reality the magic has no influence in bringing the benefits and mudharat. The effect solely because idzin God Almighty, because He is Able to create good and bad. The big danger because the besarkannya be by the people who accidentally invent invent a lie between those who inherit the knowledge of those Pagans with the influence of those who understand weak. "We belong to Allah, this, we will return God likewise, and only we surrender to him, Allah is the best handover "

Signs that this noble also shows that people who learn of sorcery, they learn things that bring mudharat only for themselves, and also does not bring anything good in the hand of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. This is a serious threat that shows how big the losses suffered by them in this world and the Hereafter later. They have indeed memperjualbelikan themselves with a very cheap price, that is why Allah said: "And how bad deeds they sell themselves with the magic that, if they know."

We beseech God to the welfare and safety from crime and all kinds of magic, shamanism and the practice of magician and soothsayer. We beseech Him also maintained that Muslims of their crimes. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala provide help to Muslims to always be careful of them, and implement God's law with all the sanctions-sangsinya to them, so that people become safer from crime and all the despicable practice that they do.

Allah Most Gracious Most Mulia again!

Dinukil from kutaib "Minutes Law Magic and quackery" page 4-12
Directorate of Field Research and Publishing Ilmiyah
The Ministry of Religious Affairs, Wakaf, Dakwah and Islamic Guidance
Saudi Arabia - 1426 Hijriyah/2005 Messiah

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